Palo Alto


Palo Alto, meaning ‘Tall Tree’ is a charter city in the San Francisco Bay Area. Palo Alto was established by Leland Stanford Sr and is now the home of the world renowned Stanford University.

Home to such high tech companies as Paypal, Google, Facebook, Intuit and Tesla Motors, Palo Alto ranks as one of the most expensive cities in the United States.

35 miles South of San Francisco, Palo Alto is home to some of the most interesting sites such as Sunset Magazine Gardens, Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo, the Hiller Aviation Museum and the Stanford Linear Accelerator a particale physics research facility.

A community theater along with a Children’s theater round out the arts community in this culturally diverse area.

Stanford Shopping Center as well as the Downtown Shopping provide many options for the avid shopper.

Golf is available at both the Standford Golf Course and the Palo Alto Municipal Golf Course.

The city still provides a Farmers Market for that small town feel.