Once inhabited by an Ohlone Indian Tribe, Milpitas, a Mexican-Spanish term for “Place of little cornfields” has developed over the years to a suburban living community. Many streets are named after the early American settlers. Named after an Alviso property, the township of Milpitas was born in 1857. For over a century, Milpitas served as a popular rest stop for travelers.

In 1954 with the recent building of a Ford plant, the city incorporated not to get swallowed up by the ever growing San Jose. Over time hay fields turned into residential housing. The Ford plant closed in 1984 giving way to the Milpitas ‘Great Mall’ built in 1994.

Milpitas with an approximate population of 67,000 is home to some of the largest high tech companies. Finding their home in Milpitas is Cisco Systems, Sandisk, LSI Corporation and Maxtor.

The parks division takes care of over 25 parks and outdoor facilities.

There is a Senior Center, a Community Center and a Teen Center available for Milpitas residents. The Sports Center has fitness classes, swimming instruction, summer day camps and art instruction. Crafts, cooking, art, dance, music and team sports are among other activities offered to Milpitas residents.

All school levels are available and accessable to major transportation routes.